99 Contoh Dialog Percakapan Expressing Promise

ontoh Dialog Percakapan Expressing Promise. Kali ini kita akan membahas tentang mapel bahasa inggris yaitu Expressing Promise. Maksud dari Expressing Promise sendiri adalah cara mengekspresikan janji. Lebih lengkapnya, silahkan lihat dialog expressing promise berikut ini.

Kalimat Expressing Promise
  1. Please accept our thanks in advance./Thanking you in advance.
  2. Thank you in anticipation for your kindness/for any information you may be able to give us.
  3. We hope/Hoping that our offer will interest you...
  4. We trust that we shall be able to find a favourable solution.
  5. You may rest assured that we shall do everything possible to...
  6. We shall be pleased to assist you in every way we can.
  7. We regret not being able to assist you for the time being. 
  8. Please accept our most sincere apologies. 
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Contohnya Saja

Expressing making a Promise and swear

Dialog 1
Andre : Hi, Jen. I was told that I'd fine you here. I want to talk with you.
Jeni : I'm sorry Ndre, I can't, Im verry busy and I have many activity today, I dont have a
time to talk about anyway.
Andre : But I want to apologiezwith you, please forgive me, I know you think I'm a looser
man, but I promise to change my attitude.
Jeni : You said it too yesterday.
Andre : Please Jeni, I swear this time, belive with me!
Jeni : Sorry I have many activity today, I have to go, bye!

Dialog 2
Mikha : Hey ka Ina! Where have you been?
Ka Ina: Just working and shopping.
Mikha : You must be tire ka Ina. What did you buy?
Ka Ina: Yes I am tired. I bought some stuffs for you so you can make me something to eat.
Mikha : Ooh man I am not sure if i can.
Ka Ina : Why? You can do it and it's easy. It's only to make fried bananas.
Mikha : I doubt it. The last time I tried it. It was all burned.
Ka Ina: Come on Mikha! Please! I love you.
Mikha: I am not so sure about your saying. Last time you were mad at me when i made it because it was all burned.
Ka Ina : I promise it that ever happens again I will not be mad anymore.
Mikha: Pinky promise?
Ka Ina: Yes pinky promise!
Mikha : All right then. Wish me luck! I am going to start now.
Ka Ina : I trust you Mikha. You won't overfry your cooking this time.
Mikha : Do you think you can help me ka Ina?
Ka Ina : Well... let me think!... Ok let 's do it together
Mikha: Awesome!
Ka Ina : After we finish can you do my laundry Mikha?
Mikha : What? You are so mean ka Ina. I am gonna tell bapa tua and mama tua and kaka tua because you are treating me like a servant.
Ka Ina: Just kidding.

Dialog 3
Tono : Would you accompany me to visit Linda. She is hospitalized.
Rina : What time?
Tono : at 9 o'clock. By the way , are you sure Doni will join us next week?
Rina : I'm sure he will. He promised to join us next week.

Dialog 4
A: I need help preparing for my presentation on Friday.
B: I could help you with that.
A: Are you sure you have the time?
B: I promise you that I have the time to do this. If I didn't, I wouldn't offer to help.
A: What would be the best time for you to help me?
B: Tomorrow night would work for me.
A: Should we just meet here?
B: OK, and I'll bring some information that helped me with my presentation.
A: I'll see you then.
B: See you tomorrow night.

Dialog 5
A: Could you help me prepare for my presentation on Friday?
B: I would love to help you prepare for your presentation.
A: I hate to ask you to do something like that.
B: This will not interfere with my work. I promise you that.
A: When could we get together?
B: I could easily give you some time tomorrow night.
A: Would you like to meet at the coffee house next door?
B: Yes, and could you write down anything you might be having trouble with?
A: I'll come prepared.
B: Goodbye until then. I promise you that you'll do well after we meet.

Dialog 6
A: I am a little nervous about my presentation on Friday.
B: If you would like me to, I could help you with that.
A: Wouldn't that take you away from your project?
B: I have plenty of time to do this. I promise you it won't be a problem for me.
A: Is there a good time for you to help me?
B: If we work on this tomorrow night, you could easily be ready for Friday.
A: How about meeting in my office?
B: That would work out well. Bring any concerns that you might have.
A: Sounds like you'll be able to help me a lot.
B: Don't worry. Everything will go well. I promise!