Soal Latihan Semester Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas 12 dan Jawaban

Soal Semester Bahasa Inggris - Masih untuk pelajar smk kali ini soal semester bahasa Inggris akan saya suguhkan sebagai bahan persiapan menghadapi ujian semester bagi sobat pelajar smk kelas 12 yang dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Yang ingin berlatih silahkan dipelajari Soal Latihan SMK Kelas 12 dan Jawaban berikut lengkap untuk semester 1 dan semester 2!

Soal Latihan Semester 1 Bahasa Inggris SMK

Soal pertama yang dapat dipelajari oleh rekan semua adalah soal latihan semester 1 untuk mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris. Dalam pembahasan mengenai soal latihan semester 1 ini akan diberikan cuplikan serta soalnya secara lengkap disertai kunci jawabannya agar dapat dijadikan bahan belajar. Untuk mengetahui bagaimana isi soal latihan tersebut berikut saya berikan cuplikan untuk soal latihan tersebut.

11. A : We need a Master of Ceremonies to present the best officer at our company’s annual party. Will you do it?
B : …..

a. Yes, will we
b. Yes, will I
c. I would be glad to do it
d. Will I do it if you pay me well

12. The following expressions are correct, except ….
a. I've told him to turn off the lights a hundred times, but he just won't listen
b. Will you wait just a minute please? I'm almost done
c. We'll never get to the station on time
d. The doctor says you will drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest

13. Which one is not correct?
a. Our son lives in a large Capital city? Ah! That will be Jakarta.
b. If you like spicy food, you will try a Mexican restaurant.
c. My daughter is two years old, and whatever you ask she will always answer "no".
d. My old car will barely go eighty kilometers per hour.

14. Customer : Hello. I’m interested in booking a room for the September long weekend.
Receptionist : ….

a. I'm not afraid we’re totally booked for that weekend
b. I'm afraid we’re totally booking for that weekend
c. I'm not afraid we're totally booking for that weekend
d. I'm afraid we’re totally booked for that weekend

15. X : I have to meet the director next week. Can I make an arrangement?
Y : ….

a. Yes, sure. The director is going to have arrangement
b. Certainly, Sir. Let me tell it first to you
c. Yes, sure. You can meet him tomorrow morning
d. Yes, I want to have an arrangement right now

Soal Latihan Semester 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12

Sobat yang telah menginjak semester 2 dapat mempelajari soal latihan yang akan dishare melalui pembahasan Soal Semester Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas 12. sebagai gambaran mengenai soal-soal tersebut silahkan lihat beberapa cuplikan soal yang ada dibawah ini.

Dialog 1 is for questions 21-23.
Assistant : Can I help you, Sir?
Rendy : Yes, certainly. I'm looking for leather shoes.
Assistant : Oh, you can see over there, Sir. Let me give you some.
Rendy : ….

21. The best response for assistant expressions is ….
a. That's great. Well done.
b. Yes I would like you to give me some.
c. I want a beautiful shoes.
d. Yes, please. Thank you very much.

22. What kind of expressions does the assistant say in the dialog?
a. Introducing.
b. Complementing .
c. Offering.
d. Thanking.

23. What does the assistant offer to Rendy?
a. Shoes.
b. Leather.
c. Clothes.
d. Help.

Dialogue 2 is for the questions 24 and 25.
Deni : Hi, Andi. Did you hear that Rudi fell off her motorcycles?
Andi : Oh really? That's terrible. Where is he now? Is he in the hospital?
Deni : Yes, he is in the Sumber Waras Hospital.
Andi : ….

24. What is the best response for Deni's expressions?
a. Well. I’m really sorry to hear this.
b. Oh that's too bad. Was he hurt?
c. Oh really? Wonderful.
d. Wow, what a surprise!

25. What kind of expressions does Andi say to respond to Deni's bad news?
a. Surprise.
b. Sympathy.
c. Happy.
d. Showing attention.

Demikianlah tadi pengantar pembahasan mengenai soal latihan semester untuk pelajar smk yang direncanakan akan dilengkapi dengan kunci jawban. Semoga dengan dishare-nya soal-soal ini sobat semua memiliki lebih banyak sumber referensi guna meningkatkan pemahaman dan kemampuan berbahasa Inggris yang dimiliki.